Available Jackbox games

Because I’m tired of looking up what games I have. Everything listed here has a family-friendly (a.k.a. work safe!) mode and has been played by me.

  • Quiplash: Punchline vs. punchline.
  • Quiplash 3: More setups for punchline vs. punchline (with a three-line final round).
  • Split the room: A “would you rather” game where you get more points for an even number of “yes” and “no” answers.
  • Patently Stupid: Design and sell the next big thing!
  • Blather Round: Describe something, but you can only use specific words.
  • Champ’d Up: Draw characters based on prompts and have them fight over arbitrary titles.
  • Fibbage 4: Trivia game where everyone comes up with fake answers to trip everyone else up (like Balderdash?).
  • Tee K.O.: Collaborative T-shirt design.
  • Trivia Murder Party 2: If a trivia game and a campy horror movie had a baby.
Evan Hildreth @oddevan