What I’m working on currently, what’s the state of my projects, all that good stuff.



-On pause while

  1. I get Smolblog closer to MVP and
  2. I get a better idea of how classification will change with the new Pokémon TCG series and
  3. Let some of the fallout from the TCGplayer/eBay merger fall out.
  • Working on moving backend to Supabase and Node.js edge functions:
    • Content is fully migrated
    • Personalized data is in progress
    • Card parsing (aka loading new cards from TCGplayer) is in planning


  • Version 3.1 is on the store!
  • Next steps will be Apple Health integration…


  • Next single: “The Fly” by U2
    • Main track ready to master
    • B-side still under construction
    • Interested in remixing? Get in touch!!
Evan Hildreth @oddevan