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Social media is just blogging. So let’s make a blog that’s as easy and fun as social media built on an open platform we control.

Start with an adaptable core. Connect to other sites as channels. Create in a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Publish to your website, the fediverse, and your social media all at once from one canonical source. Own your online identity and escape from decaying platforms.

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Stop counting hours and doses and just take your medicine.

An iOS/iPadOS app to track ad-hoc medicine doses. Compares doses over the last 24 hours to the label instructions and gives a clear “yes”/“wait” instruction for each medication. No ads, no data collection.

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oddEvan UI

Svelte components with an opinionated API.

User interface libraries are amazing, but they’re a starting point. The best user interfaces take standard libraries and add their own voice, their own opinion, their own style. This is mine.

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The unholy love-child of synthpop and hip-hop.

Sometimes the only way up is to grow. Sometimes the questions need to be asked of ourselves. Sometimes we stand firm, and others we admit our wanderlust. Sometimes the only way to say something is to sing it. And sometimes the only way to sing is to rap.

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Track your collection and build decks easily.

A tracking system for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Enter your collection using easy-to-infer identifiers. Track prices from TCGplayer across multiple printings and styles. Consolidate printings to quickly know what decks you can build.

Currently offline and on hold.

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Evan Hildreth @oddevan